Month: October 2017

Home Staging- Keeping Repair Woes To A Minimum

Home ownership requires tender loving care. When repair issues make their debut one tends to want to push them under the rug and deal with them at a more convenient date. Life goes on and the small problems multiply into one large enigma.

Homeowners in this situation are left with the question of where to begin in addressing the priority and importance of repairs when selling their home. How much or how little they can get away with investing in becomes the crux of the question.

Finding Balance

In order to find a light at the end of the tunnel, a list of all repairs needed throughout the house will give a view on how to approach with priority and a budget. The list can be divided into a do-it-yourself, handyman and contractor section.

Some home repairs have levels in options. For instance, rotted siding on the bottom of the house does not necessarily mean all siding will need to be replaced, even in the event that an exact siding match can not be found. Many times it is possible to remove the rotted boards and add a trim board as a solution to this common problem.

Four Minor Maintenance Issues For Sellers

  • Mold in the tub and or shower
  • Holes in the wall
  • Damaged weather stripping on exterior doors
  • Worn or scuffed walls, baseboards and door casing

Four Major Maintenance Issues For Sellers

  • Wood rot on exterior of house including fascia, eaves, chimney, siding and trim
  • Water damage on ceiling from roof leak
  • Water damage on drywall, baseboards and floor (laundry, bathroom and kitchen areas
  • Landscape (overgrowth and sod)

When major issues tend to outweigh the minor ones call in a trusted contractor to give you a bid, some even offer flexible financing options. This resource allows the seller time to focus on the various other aspects of staging.

Taking care of these issues before the homes debut will save time on market. Keep in mind a potential buyer will willingly pass up a house in need of work. Another added benefit to addressing repairs and having a well cared for house is it helps make the inspection process a breeze. The “out of sight out of mind” mentality puts all parties involved in the selling of your home at ease.

High Priority

Repairs should take high priority when selling a home. The seller must remember they are showcasing a product that conveys a message to the buyer. The house for sale should tell a story of meticulous attention that says, “I’m move in ready.”